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Episode #5: Shots! Shots! Shots!
March 25, 2018 Chuck n Josh

San Jose, Michael Jackson, Tony Robbins, St. Patrick’s Day, Mark Zuckerberg, Social Media Sites, Emotional Support Animals, Hot For Teacher, Toys R Us, Birth Control Pills, Uber, Superman, Twins & Triplets, Spielberg and Lucas, New Sonic Slushy, Mike Tyson, John Mcenroe, Aretha Franklin, Elton John & Billy Joel, Kevin Federline, Tommy Lee, Jim Morrison, Ed Sullivan Show, Parental Advisory, GnR and the Music Biz, Television Reboots, Snoop Dogg, TV Theme Songs, Mt. Everest Bodies, NFL Free Agency, Johnny Manziel, March Madness, Artie Lange Gambling, Hike Rocking, Crowds @ Comicon, Albert Einstein, Operation Paperclip, Like Share & Spread the Word

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