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Episode #4: Dumpster Fire
March 11, 2018 Chuck n Josh

This Week on Chuck ‘N’ Josh: Spring Training, RompHims, The Oscars, Harvey Weinstein, OJ Simpson, Richard Sherman, Alexa, Dumpster Fire, Crystal Meth, Andre Agassi, New Mexico State University, Fashion Trends, Motley Crue, KISS, Dixie Chicks, The Razzies, Emojis, Green River Killer Movie, Transformers, Celebrity Deaths, Black Panther, The Bachelor, Hollywood Medium, Joey Lawrence, The Incredible Hulk Mascots, Cops: In Tacoma, TV Theme Songs and Spinoffs, Blonde Bombshells, Casino, Chuck Norris, Leno and Letterman, Norm MacDonald, Johnny Knoxville, Injuries, March Madness, 90210, Lost Voice, Air Conditioning, Show Close

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